How to Train My Body for Modeling – A Guide

How to Train My Body for Modeling – A Guide


How many times have you looked at a magazine cover, stared at a model or fitness freak, and thought, why can't you achieve a body like that? Well, who said you cannot? Every new year many people take the resolution to exercise, fall on the right path and take care of their bodies. If you are someone who took the exact resolution this year, it is time to fulfill it.

Achieving a model body isn't hard with a little effort and a proper diet. All you will have to do is remain consistent and follow the advice mentioned below.

What is a model-like body?

Model bodies in the past differ massively from the bodies of models we are used to seeing today. While in the past slim waist, a petite figure and a thick bust was the solid requirement to get you on that ramp, the world has evolved and becomes more inclusive for women in this industry.

Today, you see models of all shapes and sizes, donning and rocking outfits like the star they are. However, the model body still falls into a particular category today. Most models are lean and very toned, which is the look people acquire. 

So, if you plan on getting a lean physique and a toned appearance, you must work hard and remain consistent towards achieving it.

How long does it take to achieve a model-like body? 

Train My Body for Modeling

Models didn't wake up one day and get blessed with their bodies, but it took years of hard work and immense patience to stand where they are today. So, you cannot expect your big turnaround or any massive change to come in a day.

So, if you were thinking a week on that treadmill and eating some green veggies would do, we are sorry to break it to you; it will take more. If you are someone who made a resolution to get in proper shape or who wants to pursue modeling as a career and get in the right shape, you have landed at the right place.

Below we have gathered all the tactics and some excellent advice that will help you train your body for modeling.

What Should You do?

When achieving a model body, start by figuring out what kind of modeling you want to indulge in. There are various types of modeling, and each requires a different set of specifications, diet, and exercise.

However, in the initial days, not everyone is aware or clear about which line they want to step in. It is totally fine. If you are someone who likes this and are in your initial days of modeling, then applying the primary and initial methods to train your body which works well for all types of modeling, should be your goal. What are these methods? Find below.

  1. Don't Overdo Cardio.

If you are training yourself at home through videos on the internet, cardio is one type of exercise you'd come across massively. Cardio fitness is an excellent form of exercise and something many women turn towards. However, while cardio is a fantastic way to lose weight and remain healthy, it isn't something you should incorporate into your everyday routine.

What to do?

If you have extra body fat to lose, take up cardio 2-3 times a week for only 20-30 minutes. If you do not want to lose weight and remain slim, once a week or eliminating would work fine too.

  1. Ballets and Yoga

If you are someone who doesn't want to lose weight and have planned to remove cardio from your workout routine, choosing an alternative exercise would work best for you. We suggest you either go to the ballet or do yoga. The two are not only easy but a fantastic addition to your journey as a model.

Why Should You Choose Ballet or Yoga?

Both ballet and yoga will help you chisel specific muscles and help you achieve the lean shape you desire. However, that is not all. Yoga and ballet are concepts that are based on balance, and that is one central aspect that modeling is all about.

Incorporating these two exercises will help you maintain an excellent posture and let your balance flow beautifully. Hence, when you get up on that ramp, you won't have difficulty bringing some jaw downs with your finesse in freestyle walking.

  1. Consume More Food

One major mistake both women and men make when on their training journey of achieving a model body is compromise on their food. Many people start eating less or not enough when trying to gain muscle, or they eat salads all day. This isn't how your diet should work; you should consume slightly more calories than you plan on burning.

What to Eat?

Consuming healthy meals, including beef, meat, and eggs, and gulping down a protein shake after your workout might work best to retain the calories and keep your diet on the right track.

  1. Plan your Meals ahead of Time

Food is one of the essential parts of any training journey. If you are regularly exercising, make consuming healthy meals a priority too. You cannot have a cheat day every other day and think you'd compensate for it by burning a few extra calories. That is not how training your body for modeling will work. 

What Should You Do?

If you feel like thinking about what to eat every day and that too three times is a task, try making a weekly schedule. Sit down at the start of the week, and write down three meals plus a snack for each day you like to eat. Make sure that when you go grocery shopping, all the meals' ingredients are on your list to save you any such hassle.

Preplanning your meals will not make you lazy and prevent you from adding more cheat days than required.

  1. Start Lifting Heavier Gradually

If you are lifting weights, that is great. However, are you increasing the weights on your bar? While lifting, sticking to one particular weight isn't going to do anything, and you must keep adding a few extra weights gradually.

Why So?

Strength training and weight lifting help make your arms look great and help you lose weight and increase your metabolism. This particular form of training will help you improve your quality of life and help you in many other aspects of becoming a model too.

  1. Journal Your Workouts

One central aspect in training your body for modeling, which many people forget or never do, is journaling. No, you do not have to write down how strenuous your exercise was and where it hurt after that intense lifting, but you have to keep track of what you do.

Why So?

Working out without a proper plan won't be much of a use. You cannot just head to the gym and decide that you feel this today, so why not do this particular exercise? Working out with a proper plan is of utmost importance. Keep track of all the exercises, weights, repetition, and breaks you took and try to improve weekly. This will help bring phenomenal results and make your hard work worth it.

  1. Include Intensity in Your Training

While people work out regularly, one thing they do not put enough thought into is the intensity of their workout. Putting your sole focus on what exercise you are doing and which muscle you are working out on is essential to speed up the process of training your body for modeling.

Why So?

Focusing on the muscle you are working out, and taking deep breaths while knowing what you are doing is extremely important. Intensity, while you are working out, is of extreme importance. It will help your body grow stronger, and you will observe sufficient improvement in your strength, endurance, and overall health.

  1. Right Mindset

As mentioned above, you cannot just run on a treadmill for 20 minutes and boom achieve the body of a model; neither is this transformation a magical overnight process. When training your body for modeling, one essential aspect you should consider is your mindset. Entering with the right mindset is the essential thing that will help you in your journey.

Why So?

Knowing that the build and physique you are trying to achieve isn't a few days' game but it will take months of hard work is essential. This sense of understanding will keep you motivated and prevent you from giving up halfway through.

  1. Take Progress Pictures

How to Train My Body for Modeling

While many people take pictures in the gym, not many look back on them. Pictures can be a great source to keep you motivated and on the right track in your training journey at the gym.

Why So?

You see yourself in the mirror every day, so it is hard to notice the small changes in your body gradually. Taking a photo every few months and then comparing it with the last one will help you see the significant differences you cannot observe every day.

The Big Nos of Training Your Body for Modeling

There may be times when you are working hard but aren't seeing beneficial results. This is because people incorporate several factors in their training journey, which seem legible but are a big no when it comes to training.

So, if you want to avoid such things, how about learning a few before heading out to do your training?

More isn't Better or Great.

People tend to believe that the more they work out, the better results they will show. That isn't true at all. Working intensely every day throughout the week, more than you are required to will lead to massive burn-out.

Excessive workouts will lead to not only burning out but also increasing your appetite. So, with a massive appetite, later on, you'd end up eating more than you burned.

You Don't Need to Feel like Passing Out.

Hyperventilating and being out of breath work out to the point you are gasping for air only looks cute in movies, not in real life. Each body has a tolerance level, and it is natural that when you first begin working out, your exercising tendencies will be far lesser compared to others. Hence, don't overdo yourself and work out to the point you feel is okay.

With time not only will your exercise tolerance increase, but you can also budge up your time frame for exercising. However, never go over the limit because you might pass out.

Don't Give Up on Foods You Love.

Undoubtedly, your favorite foods bring you another level of comfort and happiness. So, if you ditch all of your favorite food to eat only healthy in your training all at once, it will make you miserable and crave it even more.

People believe that eating anything other than healthy or diet food when in training will bring them back to square one. That is not the case at all. When on a diet or in the middle of training, you should consume your favorite foods moderately every week.

This will make your training less complicated and help you not go down the spiral of favorite food withdrawals.

Perfection is a myth.

One thing people run after when training is perfection and the body shape right out of a magazine. What many don't realize is that perfection is a myth. Making yourself work thrice as hard to look like that model in the magazine is one of the biggest stupidity and harm you can do to yourself.

Models in the magazines are photoshopped to perfection, and real life doesn't work that way. Hence, while admiring them is excellent, working madly to look the same is not. Work hard, eat good and be happy in your own body and the slow progress you are making.


Now that you know how to train your body for modeling, we hope you'll follow all the dos and don'ts we just mentioned. However, one thing you should know is that:

Your Dream Body Won't Make You Happy

While working hard and eating healthy is essential, one should not make their dream body the reason to be happy. This is because this is something that can never happen. Looking a certain way or seeing a particular number on the weighing scale won't change how you feel.

Hence it is vital to love how you look now and work hard to love the future self too.

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