How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Your Face - A Comprehensive Guide

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Your Face - A Comprehensive Guide

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Your Face

The sun’s powerful UV rays are known to be harmful to the skin, but they can also be damaging to your eyes. A good pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful rays and block out excess light on bright days, allowing you to get the most out of your day and not have to squint when looking at things up close. But how do you know which sunglasses are best? This comprehensive guide will give you tips on how to pick the best sunglasses for your face type and face shape so that you can make an informed decision on which pair is right for you and your style preferences.

Are you a sunglasses fan? But whenever you wear them, it often looks out of place and doesn’t enhance your look.

This comprehensive guide will give you tips on how to pick the best sunglasses for your face type and face shape so that you can make an informed decision on which pair is right for you and your style preferences.

The key to getting the right sunglasses begins with understanding your face shape. 

Is it oval, square, rectangle, oblong, etc... 

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Your Face - A Comprehensive Guide

Find your face shape

Even if you are aware of your blood type and hair color, you may be unaware of your facial shape. For most people, the shape of their faces doesn't come to mind, yet it has a significant impact on which frame styles are appropriate for them. Pull your hair back to get a clearer picture of your facial shape.  

To determine where your biggest facial features are, start with the chin and work your way up.  The answer to this question generally gives you a good idea of the general shape of your face, but you can also look at things like the curve of your jaw and the length of your face to get a better idea (long vs. short). 

Using lipstick or a dry-erase marker, you may outline your face in the mirror if you're still unclear about your form. You may get a sense of your face's size and shape by taking measurements. Stand in front of a mirror and do the following procedures to get an accurate reading of your face: 

Measure the distance from the top of your cheekbone to the bottom of your cheekbone using a tape measure. Get a mirror and look at yourself from different angles. Make a note of the following number. Measure the distance between the ends of your jawbone, which may be felt just behind the earlobes. 

Around the bottom of your face, measure from one end of your jawline to the other. Make a note of it as well. From the middle of your hairline to the bottom of your chin, measure the length of your face. Make a note of that one, too.

Sunglasses for round faces

You can't get enough of these curvy lines. The less-defined angles and more pronounced curves of a round face make it more recognizable. Sharp, angular lines can assist to make your face seem slimmer and more defined by lengthening it and making it appear smaller.  Colorful, high-on-the-temple frames may also be beneficial to this face type.  

Rectangle, square, wrap and shield-shaped glasses are best suited for round faces. To give your face more definition (hello, cheekbones!), square frames are like a contour kit.  Keep away from anything with soft lines and rounded edges since they don't balance the roundness of your face. 

Rectangular frames with sharp edges or four corners, especially with a thinner frame, are ideal when browsing for sunglasses.

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Sunglasses for square-faced people

A wide forehead and a prominent jawline distinguish square faces, which are often the same length and breadth all the way around.  

A more balanced appearance is achieved by using round or oval-shaped glasses with a square face.  

Styles that work well for square faces include butterfly, round, aviator, and any other frame type that promotes oval or circular curves.  

With a square face, you want temples that are either in the middle or at the very top. 

Isn't it obvious that this is a good idea?

To counterbalance a round face, a square frame is used. Likewise, a round frame counters a square face.

Sharp jawlines and square foreheads are softened by rounded corners and rounded angles. To make your features seem more delicate, go for round eyeglasses with delicate curves.

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Sunglasses for oval-shaped faces 

Everyone with oval-shaped features is a winner since every frame looks fantastic. 

The characteristics of an oval face are softly rounded and very even. This means that almost any frame will look well on an oval face.  

Everything works, from the designer to the athlete, the look to the purpose.  

Choose sunglasses that cover the whole face, from the brows to the cheekbones, rather than bulky frames that obscure the face's symmetrical characteristics. 

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Best sunglasses for oblong and rectangular face-shaped people 

Long and thin, with few angles, oblong faces are sometimes known as rectangle faces.  

Sunglasses with a large rim look great on those with an oblong facial shape.  

Sunglasses with thicker frames and wider rectangular or wayfarer lenses can help widen a long face.  

Because of the sharp angles and powerful lines of vintage-style frames, sunglasses with tall or deep lenses and vintage-inspired frames may help to accentuate the characteristics of oblong faces.

Wrap, shield, square, wayfarer, and rectangular sunglasses will all catch the eye of onlookers when worn by this group. 

Oblong faces should steer clear of frames that are too tiny.

Best sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces 

The cheekbones are the largest section of a diamond-shaped face, which has a thin jawline and forehead.

Wide or high cheekbones look best with oval or rimless frames. 

It is recommended that glasses worn by people with diamond faces have frames with gentle curves and should not be broader than their cheekbones.

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Best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces 

The chin is the narrowest part of a heart-shaped face, which is sometimes known as a triangle.  

Wide bottom margins with no straight lines around the top are the ideal sunglasses for heart and triangle-shaped faces because they redirect attention downward and lengthen the face.  

Glasses with cat-eye frames or rounded corners are perfect for creating a more balanced appearance. The shield, butterfly, rimless, or aviator-style frames are most suited for this facial shape. 

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Best sunglasses for men:

So, what is the best sunglasses for men? That question could easily be answered by asking a dozen different people. Everyone has their tastes and opinions, and most people have strong feelings about which pair of shades they think are best. For instance, someone might prefer big squared glasses because they suit his round face well. Someone else might prefer a pair with rectangular frames because they offer great coverage that also looks good on her long face. Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to buy glasses online or if you want help picking out frames at your local optician's office.

The truth is that there is no best option because everyone has their preferences in the style and shape of frames. However, some options will work better than others depending on how you wear them and where you plan to use them. The best type of glasses for driving are those that offer maximum protection from the sun's glare and keep things like raindrops from getting into your eyes. If this sounds like something you need, then try looking for polarized lenses.

These types of lenses reduce glare and filter out ultraviolet light as well as harmful blue light waves which can damage our retinas over time. You should also look for options with UV 400 protection rating so that any harmful UV rays are blocked from reaching your eyes while outside in the sun.


Best Sunglasses for women:

If you're wearing glasses, choosing a good pair of sunglasses is just as important. The best sunglasses for women have a larger frame and temples so they can cover both your face and glasses if needed. They are also available in the polarized lens which makes it easier to see through glare from water, snow, or other surfaces that can reflect light. These best sunglasses for driving will help make your drive more comfortable while reducing eye strain. As with the best sunglasses for women, they should be large enough to fit over prescription eyewear if necessary.

And because lenses tend to get dirty faster than frames when worn on the road, these best sunglasses for driving come with a cleaning cloth and case. Many sunglass brands like Ray-Ban offer their best sunglasses for driving in brown (to match your car), but their top-rated shades include the Sport Wayfarer sunglasses, the high-impact lightweight aviator style RB4025s, and new styles of mirrored aviators such as Bright Black Frame/Polarized Green Lenses RB4165.

Best sunglasses for driving

If you drive a lot or if your sunglasses don't have side shields, you must make sure they are polarized. You should also make sure that they block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays because those waves of light can hurt your eyes.

If you want protection from strong winds, consider a wrap-around frame instead of a frameless pair. It is also a good idea to invest in quality sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection because more than just your eyes are at risk when you wear them outside; skin cancer is an increasing concern.

The most popular brands on the market include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Gucci, Persol, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dior. To find out which one is best for you, read this guide about how to pick the best sunglasses for your face! First, look at your nose bridge. Most frames fit over either a round or oval nose bridge without any trouble, but some are specifically designed for these types of noses so that they stay put better. Second, consider the shape of your face. For example, round faces will look better with frames with a square outline while square faces will be enhanced by rectangular frames.

Frameless glasses may not be right for you if you have deep-set eyes and narrow features because they may slip down too easily and even off altogether during certain activities like driving.


Final Thoughts 

I hope this blog post has helped you in your search for the perfect pair of sunglasses. There are lots of options out there so it's difficult to know where to start! In my opinion, the best way is simply testing and wearing different pairs, noting which ones fit well, which ones take a beating from your hands but not your face (which is tough on any expensive item!), and which ones look great on you. The most important thing is finding a pair that feels right in your hands and looks good on your face! Don't forget about all the in-between qualities like style, durability, etc. Remember: it is possible to find a nice pair of glasses at an affordable price. And with all these resources at your fingertips--blogs, online retailers, friends--there's no excuse not to find them!

Getting the right sunglasses for your face shape can get hard but not if you follow this article. 

Where we learned: 

  • Round faces work well with angular sunglasses.
  • Square faces work well with rounder sunglasses. 
  • If you have an oval face then congrats. Anything will work for you. 
  • If you have a diamond-shaped face, go for oval sunglasses. 
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, then go for cat eye frames
  • Best sunglasses for men
  • Best sunglasses for women
  • Best sunglasses for driving
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