Monetize Yours and Own Your Opportunities

Attractiveness is an Asset: How to Monetize Yours and Own Your Opportunities

You were born with an attractiveness advantage: your looks, your fashion sense, and your style can get you many different opportunities in life. But how do you monetize them? Well, the first step to monetizing your assets is to understand that they are assets in the first place and to leverage them by putting them to use in the most effective way possible. You don’t just want to monetize these things; you want to own the opportunities that come from these traits.

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is gunning for the same opportunities and working hard to get what they desire; it can get very hard to own your opportunities. While we want to believe that individuals rise to the top by a mix of hard work, skill, and connections, various types of research reveal that success isn't all about what you put in. 

Well-groomed persons earn roughly 13% more money than their less appealing counterparts, and handsome real-estate agents make more money than their less appealing colleagues.  

"Beauty premium" is the term used by psychologists to describe this phenomenon. The income disparity between handsome and ugly persons is equivalent to the discrepancy between genders or races. 

How to Monetize Your Attractiveness and Own Your Opportunities

 Monetize Yours and Own Your Opportunities

Here are a few huge advantages attractive people get:  

  1. Employers tend to see handsome employees as more capable than their less attractive counterparts

We tend to pay individuals more based on how attractive they are. In one of Mobius and Rosenblat's tests simulating the recruiting process, prospective employers were willing to pay 10.5% more to beautiful applicants than to ugly ones while looking at images of potential workers. 

That premium was carried over to conversations that exclusively took place over the phone by hiring supervisors. To put it another way, all you have to do to take advantage of our preferences for handsome people is make a pleasant sound. 

  1. Physically appealing workers are more confident, which leads to greater compensation

If you've ever seen someone's looks as an indicator of their whole character without realizing it, you have the "halo effect." 

Researchers have shown that those who have a high degree of attractiveness are seen as more gregarious and extroverted than those who are less handsome. 

Having benefited from this prejudice for years, beautiful kids who grow up to be handsome adults have greater self-esteem. 

Mobius and Rosenblat describe it as a "self-fulfilling prophecy." 

"Teachers anticipate better-looking youngsters to outperform in school and spend more attention on children who are seen to have higher promise.

That confidence, the literature suggests, translates into academic achievement and professional success. 

  1. Physically appealing employees have better social skills, which translates into higher pay when they meet with employers

Attractive individuals also have better communication abilities than ugly individuals, according to Mobius and Rosenblat's tests

“Physical attractiveness raises social and communication skills, which in return raise an employer's estimate of the worker's productivity.

Throughout a career, this has a significant influence. According to various studies, the development of a child's social skills is a greater indicator of their financial success throughout their lives than cerebral development.

There is scientific evidence to support the theory that attractive individuals are more social than their less attractive counterparts.

4. Attractiveness can be the source of much-needed income

The term sex work has a very negative connotation, but women who engage in this type of work have more job stability than those working a typical 9-5 job. In other words, many sex workers make up the workforce without being seen as laborers. With that said, some people are unable to find employment because they cannot keep their sex lives separate from their professional lives. The paradox of having both looks and intellect makes it difficult for many of us to figure out how we can use our appearance as a vehicle for financial security without sacrificing our principles or hiding who we are on the inside.

5. You are in charge of your opportunities

We live in a time when the world has opened up like never before. In this day and age, gender, sexuality, race, age—none of these factors hold any real weight when it comes to business opportunities. The only thing that matters is how you present yourself as well as your ability to take advantage of the situation when it arises.

A powerful self-assurance combined with a strong sense of timing will always be rewarded in today's world. So what can you do if you are not confident enough? Fake it until you make it! All of your insecurities stem from your fear about what others think about you so take a deep breath and figure out who or what inspires you or flatters your confidence the most.


How to Increase Attractiveness and Monetize It

  1. Dressing attractively

Feel secure in your skin by dressing in a way that makes you happy.  

When you're dressed well, you'll feel more confident.  

As a result, your physical attractiveness will increase when you are confident and comfortable. Make an effort to look better than your peers. Make sure your clothing is well-fitted and not too loose or tight.

Ask a friend or a salesperson for guidance if you don't have any sense of style or are unsure about what to wear. 

Your garments should be nice and ironed at all times. As a rule of thumb, this will make you look better.  

More essential than costly clothing is well-fitting clothing. Keep an eye on the size of your clothing. Consider a tailor if they don't fit.

  1. Working on your body

Men's bodies with plenty of lean muscle are seen to be the most appealing. If you want to seem more appealing, keep your fat-to-muscle ratio around 16 percent fat and 84 percent muscle. 

Your fat-to-muscle ratio may be calculated by a physician or personal trainer. 

Keep your repetitions in the 10-12 rep range, and choose a weight that is still difficult for you to complete the set. 

To get a more toned and muscular physique, go to the gym or undertake workouts at home.

If you love doing workouts from home, be sure to have the following bare minimum fitness essentials from Amazon.

How to Monetize Your Attractiveness and Own Your Opportunities

To get the most out of your workout, use both aerobic and weightlifting workouts. 

Sports teams and energetic hobbies may also help you tone your muscles. Rock climbing and swimming are excellent exercises for gaining lean muscle mass. 

The lean muscle may not be to everyone's taste. If you can't get a muscular or slim physique, that's OK.

Your chances of being seen as more appealing increase if you continue to strive toward your objective.

  1. Working on your face

One of the best ways to make your face attractive is doing face yoga daily. 

Yoga for the face incorporates massage and other techniques to improve circulation and tone the muscles and skin. You may use this method to assist decrease stress and anxiety by softening and relaxing your facial muscles. 

As a result, you may be able to avoid creating the facial expressions associated with such sentiments. 

Face yoga-style workouts may help your facial look, according to various studies. 

4. Think about others before yourself

Before you monetize your attractiveness, think about others. Let's say you have a trust fund. Being attractive will help you start that business you've always wanted or acquire funding for it. But don't forget about the people who may not be as attractive- maybe they can't get a job, or get more money for something because they're not seen as being as valuable based on their appearance. Be mindful of the people around you, and what opportunities are available to them.

It could be worth giving up some of those opportunities to make life easier for someone else. We all want to look our best and feel confident when we go out into the world. But there are other things in life that matter too- like using your natural gifts responsibly so you can make a difference in this world.

5. Do not worry about looks, worry about how you present yourself

One of the main lessons I learned in my career as a recruiter is that your appearance counts. A recent study shows that we make initial judgments about a person based on appearance alone within a hundred milliseconds, which equates to about one-fifth of a second. People will always make these judgment calls, so you have to do what you can from keeping yourself at your best.

This includes being knowledgeable about fashion trends so you can dress for the occasion, taking care of your body by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, engaging in mindful practices like meditation or yoga, and getting enough sleep each night so that you wake up energized. And just as importantly, treat yourself with kindness and love! There's nothing more attractive than someone who radiates happiness from their heart outward. You're worth it, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


6. Have a plan for every situation

Don't worry about how you look, worry about how you present yourself. When you have a confident presence on social media or in person, it will make others want to work with you. Putting yourself out there as much as possible will also help develop your brand, which can only lead to new opportunities. If your presentation looks sloppy or unprofessional on social media people may not take you seriously.

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making on Instagram is posting selfies of themselves wearing no makeup - when they are beautiful without it! The point of social media should be to show off your natural beauty and personality. It's time we stop telling women they need makeup because they're not attractive enough, and start telling them that they're beautiful just the way they are!

7. Look Out for your well-being

Studies show that from the moment we're born, women have a rougher time than men when it comes to economic achievement. It's all around us - in our workplaces, schools, media, films, and TV shows - as soon as we look up at the power structures of society. Women make $0.78 for every dollar a man makes, with African-American women making $0.64 for every dollar white men make while Latinas take home just $0.54. And even though education should be your ticket to greater prosperity (especially after recent statistics showed that college-educated black women out-earn their male counterparts), what do you know?

Here are some face yoga exercises you can try:

Brow smoother 

The frontalis muscle, a major one at the front of your forehead, is relaxed during this exercise. Overuse of this muscle may lead to stiffness and rigidity, as well as stress manifestations. 

  • Fingers facing inwards, place in the middle of your forehead. 
  • While you are bringing your fingers closer to your temples, press your fingertips softly towards the center of your forehead.
  • Let go of the reins. 
  • for a further 30-second period 

Jaw and neck firmer 

Make an "aah" sound by opening your lips wide.  

The lower lip and corners of the lips should be folded into your mouth as you stretch your lower jaw forward, keeping your lower jaw in place. 

Close your lips and gently lift your chin approximately an inch each time you do so, turning your head backward as you do so.  

Count to ten while opening and closing your lower jaw. Your chin should be pointed upwards by the time you reach the tenth scoop.

Hold this stance for 20 seconds, and imagine the sides of your face rising upward. Repetition is essential. 

Final Words 

 It has gotten increasingly hard to get opportunities in today’s fast-paced world. So, every time you get one, you must make sure you’re ready and prepared for it. 

From this article, we learned that one of the best ways to increase your attractiveness and own your opportunities is doing Face Yoga. 

Yoga for the face incorporates massage and other techniques to improve circulation and tone the muscles and skin. You may use this method to assist decrease stress and anxiety by softening and relaxing your facial muscles.  

Here are some face yoga exercises you can try: 

  • Brow smoother  
  • Jaw and neck firmer


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