Speaking Up and Asking for Things

How to Receive More Out of Life by Speaking Up and Asking for Things

If you want to improve your overall happiness in life, there’s one simple strategy that you can implement into your daily routine, and it involves taking responsibility for yourself and your happiness: start to speak up and ask people about what you want in life. And the best part? Once you start asking for what you want, people will begin to take notice of how much value you bring to their lives, and they’ll start giving more to you than they have been. It’s a win-win situation! 

Are you tired of playing second fiddle to others?  

Sitting comfortably in the back, giving your best to get noticed and appreciated while others less deserving than you are getting all the respect, admiration, and appreciation? 

One of the biggest reasons for this is your lack of confidence in yourself and not being able to speak up. 

People who have low self-esteem in life always end up playing behind and end up catching up with others.

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Speaking up in Communication 

Speaking Up and Asking for Things

Speaking up is the most underappreciated form of communication.   

That's because, unlike other forms of communication, speaking up starts with a discussion with oneself.  

Conversations with other people are effortless at their finest, with a comfortable back-and-forth.   

However, there are instances when you feel uneasy and a growing disparity between what is and isn't being expressed. That's your first indication that it's time to speak up.  

What exactly is speaking up?  

When you speak up, you communicate publicly, assertively, and honestly for your own and others' rights and needs. It is at the heart of all social change, including that which occurs inside organizations.  

Many of us find it simpler to advocate for others than it is to argue for ourselves. When we don't stand out for ourselves, though, we diminish our feeling of self-worth.   

We become caught up in a loop of justifying behavior that leads us farther away from our beliefs and, eventually, the person we want to be.  

Use assertive language

By the time we reach adulthood, many of us have been conditioned to conform and not take up any space. We've internalized a message that being nice is more important than our wants or needs. And because we feel guilty about these wants, we're inclined to push them aside as soon as they arise--often giving up on our dreams before we even start pursuing them.
But this doesn't have to be the case. Once you commit--once you decide that you deserve your desires--you'll quickly find that the world starts opening up for you in ways it never did before. It's true: People who speak up and ask for things in life receive more out of life. They are bolder, braver, and less afraid. They give themselves permission to show up as their whole selves rather than hiding their ambitions from the world so no one will laugh at them (or worse). They don't apologize when they want something; instead, they act like someone who deserves it should act.

Talk to people directly

1. Ask for a raise, promotion, or higher-paying job - If you're not happy with the position that you're in, then speak up! You might be surprised at how easy it is to get what you want with just a little push. What's more important than being content in your career? Chances are you will be happier in your work environment as well!

2. Asking for help from your spouse/significant other/best friend - We all need help from time to time. It can be difficult to ask, but once we do our lives can open up more because we are more inclined toward trusting others again. Plus they feel like they have helped us and know that they are appreciated.

The Benefits of Speaking Up 

 Speaking Up and Asking for Things

  1. It may boost your self-esteem

Nobody else understands what it's like to be your distinct self.   

You have your own, distinct views and opinions, and they deserve to be expressed. Be proud of your ideas rather than embarrassed of them.  

  1. It has the potential to motivate others to speak up

Your ideas may educate individuals and help them establish their perspectives. Perhaps you can give them a fresh viewpoint they haven't explored previously.  

  1. It opens you up more opportunities in life

A study says that attractive people make 12% more money than anybody else.  

And it all ties back to the above two reasons we shared as well.  

Because attractive people are more confident and they enthuse confidence in other people as well.  

This leads to them speaking up more and getting more opportunities in life.  

New Age Science to Become More Attractive, Speak Up, and Get More Opportunities in Life  

Many individuals are looking for natural, economical choices to help them look and feel better and emanate a feeling of inner serenity.  

Introducing Face Yoga.  

Massage and movements stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system and are intended to soften and relax your facial muscles to relieve tension, stress, and concern.

You may also use this muscle stimulator from Amazon which I love to release trapped stress from my body.

This may also assist you in ceasing to make the facial expressions connected with those sentiments.  

Research suggests that Face yoga activities may enhance the look of your face.  


Stop worrying about what others think

The only way you will be happy is if you believe in yourself. A lot of people are too afraid that if they ask for more or ask for something, the other person may say no. You shouldn't feel bad or let fear get in the way because everyone should be brave enough to speak up when they want something. If someone says no, that's their problem, not yours so take it with a grain of salt and go ahead asking somebody else.

I've found that the majority of people respond well to me when I ask them if they want something from me. Sometimes people might give me another option or tell me why they don't want to do what I'm asking but the point is that at least we're having a conversation about it. It's important to understand your worth: some days it feels like nothing goes my way and then there are those days where everything just seems easy and comes naturally. On those days, I don't think about what others might think before speaking up but on those hard days when I feel like nobody wants anything from me, this quote helps:

I know what goes through your head when you're doing whatever-itis. You're thinking what can this possibly matter? But remember this; everything matters.

Face Yoga Exercises to Become More Attractive 


  1. Tension release

Speaking Up and Asking for Things

Stimulating this acupressure point alleviates eye strain. You may use it to relax throughout the day or before going to sleep.  

  • For 30 seconds, press into the inner corner of your eyes.  
  • Then, for 30 seconds, slowly circle in one direction.  
  • Repin the other way. 
  1. Circles under the eyes

This exercise boosts oxygen circulation and minimizes puffiness. Use gentle, delicate touches. 

  • Position the ring finger inside your brows.  
  • Tap your fingers gently on the outer side of your brows.  
  • For a few seconds, press into your temples.  
  • the inner corner of your eyes may be reached by tapping along your cheekbones. 
  • Continue for another 30 seconds. 
  1. Brow smoother

The frontalis muscle, which is positioned in the middle of your forehead, is loosened by this exercise. Overuse of this muscle may lead to stiffness, rigidity, and other stress-related symptoms. 

  • Place your fingers on the middle of your brow, facing in.  
  • As you reach your fingers toward your temples, carefully tap your fingers onto your forehead.  
  • Remove your fingers.  
  • Continue for another 30 seconds. 

Final Thoughts 

It's incredibly frustrating to be constantly working, grinding, putting in the work yet seeing no results, and worse of all getting overlooked by your peers. 

And through this article, we learned how speaking up can be so powerful in our lives. 

It boosts our self-esteem and opens up more possibilities in life. 

Now, when it comes to speaking up one of the best ways you can try now is to practice face yoga exercises daily. 

Face yoga is a sophisticated blend of face exercises, Hatha yoga postures, acupressure, massage, and breathing methods designed to relax facial features while training muscles.   

Some Face Yoga exercises you can try are: 

  1. Tension release where you stimulate the acupressure point which alleviates eye strain. 
  2. Circles under the eye boost oxygen circulation and minimize puffiness. 
  3. Brow smoother which stimulates the frontalis muscle and releases stress. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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And also, if you feel too tired to do face yoga daily, I highly recommend you buy the muscle stimulator from Amazon to release trapped stress from your body and keep reaping the rewards that Face Yoga has to offer.
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