The Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before

The Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before

Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before

Words like sweaty and painful are often associated with running, but these are just two of the many benefits of running that you didn’t know existed before reading this article. So next time you hear that friend talk about how running isn’t healthy, send them to this article and change their mind! Here are some amazing health benefits of running you wish you knew before!

Are you someone who’s getting started in fitness or wants to stay healthy in life? Then running can be one of the best things you can do for your health. It increases your metabolism, keeps your weight in check, and makes your heart healthy. 

 Here are some amazing health benefits of running you wish you knew before!

Benefits of Running 

Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before
  1. Running extends your life and increases the number of years you live

Running has been demonstrated to boost life expectancy in several studies.  

As a result of this, "If exercise were a drug, it would be the most popular pill in the world." It's also worth mentioning that this option would be the least costly since it would cost nothing at all. 

According to a 2018 meta-analysis of running and lifespan study, runners had a 25-30% lower all-cause death rate than non-runners after follow-up. "Any running is better than no running," the study found. 

Another study focusing on runners found that they live an average of three years longer.


As a result of superior cardiovascular fitness, better body composition (less fat), lower cholesterol, superb glucose and insulin management, stronger bones, better hormone regulation, as well as beneficial neurological functioning. 

To simply live longer is a goal few of us have in mind. As a result, we aim to live long and healthy life. In this regard, jogging and a high level of fitness excel.  

A lot of studies are focused on what can be done to keep "seniors" healthy since they account for a large portion of the public-health expenditure. This race is almost usually won via physical activity. 

When it comes to 75-year-olds who have been exercising for 50 years, a new study at Ball State University discovered that their biochemical profiles were closer to those of 25-year-old graduate students than those of 75-year-old non-exercisers. 

Stanford researchers contrasted local runners in their mid-50s with non-exercising residents of the Stanford community who received the same high-quality medical care in a second well-known research study. After twenty-one years, the runner mortality rate was more than half as low.  

When it came to "disability scores," the runners were averaging 11 to 16 years behind non-runners. Because they were living longer, they seemed younger than they were. And as the individuals became older, the running benefits got more pronounced. 

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  1. Running helps maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation

Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before

If you've ever had to sprint to catch a train, a kid, or your dog, you know that running is a workout for your cardiovascular system.  

To provide working muscles with more oxygen and nutrients, your heart rate rises while you exercise. Your heart and lungs get used to jogging after a while of regular practice.  

Your heart and lungs grow more powerful, allowing you to pump more blood every beat and take in more air per breath. You'll be able to run further and faster with less effort as your cardiovascular efficiency increases. 

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  1. Running strengthens the muscles

Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before

Most of us have admired a runner's well-defined calves while walking behind them. Running may aid muscle growth and strength improvement if you do it while properly fuelling your body with enough calories and protein to support your workout.  

You build strength in your lower and upper body while jogging since it is a total-body exercise. 

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  1. Running improves your quality of sleep

Fitness is often the first thing that people think about when they think about running. It's easy to get caught up in working out and worry that you're not giving your body what it needs. Rest assured, though, as many benefits of running daily can improve your quality of life. Since the dawn of the Internet, there has been a slew of publications highlighting the significance of sleep. Athletes, in particular, may benefit greatly from enough sleep. The body does all of its repair work at this time. 

Exercising and sleeping go hand-in-hand. The more you work out, the more sleep you'll require. Also, the poorer your sleep patterns, the less likely you are to exercise frequently. 

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  1. Running aids weight loss and maintenance

Benefits of Running You Wish You Knew Before

Running burns more calories than most other exercises because it requires you to move your full body weight. There is no need to run quickly to get the most out of your workout.  

Running slowly provides nearly as much benefit (but it takes twice as long). 

As a 2019 editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine pointed out, it's a half-truth that you can't outrun lousy nutrition. In addition, it has a slew of additional advantages for your health. Running burns around 100 calories every mile if you're keeping score at home. (To obtain a more precise estimate of your calorie expenditure per mile, multiply your weight in pounds by.75.) 

Maintaining a healthy weight loss is far more difficult than shedding pounds. Individuals have lost large amounts of weight in six months, according to several research studies. Unfortunately, after that, the weight begins to creep back on. After another six to 18 months, it's usually completely back, and sometimes even more. The term "yo-yo dieting" is well-known, and now you know what it means. 

Only those who stick to a long-term workout plan are known to succeed against the odds.

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6. Keeps your mind sharp

Exercise has so many benefits and running can be a good option if you don't enjoy activities like cycling or jogging. It also doesn't have to take up as much time as you might think. A lot of runners have been known to get in their miles by taking walking breaks during their commute or lunch breaks at work, which are great ways to squeeze in the exercise without changing your routine too much. Another benefit is that it will help keep your mind sharp!

One study found that moderate aerobic exercise helps adults with age-related memory decline improve their scores on word recall tests by 50%. And the final benefit? Who doesn't want a better butt? The benefits of running daily include less cellulite, increased muscle tone, and reduced fat in the backside. Plus studies show that women who run daily weigh less than those who don't run at all.

7. Increased metabolism

Running is an exercise that gives you the benefits of weight loss and lower blood pressure, but many people do not know that it also helps increase your metabolism. Higher metabolism has a myriad of benefits for your body including aiding in weight loss, regulating hormones, and lowering blood sugar levels. To get these benefits from running daily try to keep these guidelines in mind:
- Always warm up before heading out on a run by walking or jogging a few minor tests first - Try to set realistic goals for yourself. If you have never run begun, be patient with yourself! Starting too hard will only lead to injury and failure - Take breaks if needed to walk or drink water. The benefits of running are worth it and as long as you take care of your body along the way, there is no reason why this should stop you from reaching your goals.

8. Increased longevity

In this day and age where we are all so inundated with demands on our time, it can be hard to find the time to do something that doesn't pay. However, there are benefits to running daily that make it worth your while. If you know what they are, you may find yourself enticed to start running again. Â Â Increased longevity:

               Regular exercise has been shown to increase life expectancy by two years on average. It also helps people live better when they are living longer, with more vitality and less disability at the end of their lives. Fewer health problems: As long as you maintain a proper diet and don't overexert yourself, exercising is proven to help with nearly every aspect of your health from depression and heart disease, to obesity and diabetes. With so many benefits, you owe it to yourself to go for a run today! Some benefits of running daily include *increased longevity *fewer health problems *decreased anxiety *and better sleep.

9. Pain relief from arthritis, back pain, and fibromyalgia

It seems like pain relief is one of the most popular reasons to start running, and rightfully so. However, there are plenty of other benefits from running that often get overlooked.
You may not have heard about how effective running can be for arthritis sufferers. Among the various symptoms associated with this condition are back pain and fibromyalgia (a disorder characterized by a general feeling of fatigue). According to a 2013 study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, people with these conditions who ran had significantly less pain after 12 weeks than those who didn't work out at all.
That's because when you run, your body releases endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Experts recommend starting slowly with a 10-minute jog before gradually increasing your distance. Make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.
This is just one of many health-related benefits of running.

10. Self-discipline skills

Self-discipline is not just a personality trait. It is something that can be learned and improved over time. Start with small changes like making your bed every morning or simply being more honest when you talk to people. With practice, you will find yourself progressing to bigger changes that are outside your comfort zone but which will help change your life for the better. For example, I used to never run before but now I do it as part of my daily routine because it has helped me achieve several personal goals including weight loss and better health.
Start by setting one goal at a time. To get motivated, find a buddy who wants to start running too and set up some accountability measures like posting updates on social media.
    If you want to make running a habit, try following these three steps: 1) Get clear on what's holding you back from getting started 2) Write down your desired outcome 3) Map out the steps required to get there. Keep in mind that sometimes things happen that we don't have control over - if this happens, allow yourself space for disappointment and then move on.

Final Thoughts 

Running can be one of the healthiest things you can do to keep yourself healthy. 

The following are the benefits of running: 

  • Running extends your life and increases the number of years you live
  • Running helps maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation  
  • Running strengthens the muscles  
  • Running improves your quality of sleep
  • Running aids weight loss and maintenance.
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