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The Surprising Reason Why Intelligent People Stay Unhappy

Intelligent people are better able to understand the problems they face and come up with clever solutions to these problems. This, in theory, should allow them to lead happier lives than unintelligent people, who may not be able to understand their problems as well or find effective solutions to them. But new research suggests this isn’t true at all—intelligent people may stay unhappier than their less intelligent counterparts. What explains this? The answer could have implications for how we think about happiness and intelligence alike.

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Smart people fall for common misconceptions

Intelligent people are often susceptible to the same misconceptions as less intelligent people. Intelligence doesn't mean you won't be tricked or influenced by false information. It also doesn't mean that you'll always make decisions that make sense in the long run.

This is because intelligence is not a blanket term for everything one may need to be successful in life - it's just one of many traits and skill sets that contribute to a person's success. There are plenty of other traits like patience, compassion, and empathy that are necessary for long-term happiness but aren't necessarily linked to intelligence. Intelligent people stay unhappy because they don't always have all the skillsets necessary for living a happy life.


They develop unhealthy habits

The first reason that intelligent people stay unhappy is that they develop unhealthy habits. Intelligent people often find themselves with two options: they can either be intelligent or happy. They are unwilling to give up the things that make them intelligent to make themselves happy, so they end up staying unhappy.
The second reason why intelligent people stay unhappy is because of the life decisions they make. Intelligent people often use their intelligence to make life decisions that do not benefit them in the long run, and as a result, they end up staying unhappy.

They try too hard

It's easy to chalk up unhappiness to a mental condition, but that doesn't always paint the whole picture. Sometimes it takes a little more digging and insight into what is going on. Mental health is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to happiness and success in life. In some cases, intelligent people may stay unhappy because they are trying too hard to please others or themselves. They strive for perfection, which never happens.

They also can be hypersensitive to criticism, the criticism they often bring upon themselves through their incessant need for approval. Once you learn how to control your drive for perfectionism, you will find yourself happier with what you have accomplished instead of frustrated by what could have been done better if only you tried harder.


They think about their problems the wrong way

Intelligent people often focus on their problems and are constantly looking for solutions. They enjoy the challenge of solving a problem, but they also like to do things correctly. This is all well and good until they realize that there are many different ways to solve a problem. When they find out there's more than one way to solve a problem, they have to put all their energy into figuring out which solution is best. If this is an ongoing struggle, it can cause intelligent people to stay unhappy even after finding a solution.

Luckily, some simple tricks exist to keep these smart thinkers happy! One trick is to remember that a decision will not be perfect no matter how hard you try - sometimes you'll need to give up to make peace with what happened. Forcing yourself to think about your limitations before trying something new might help too. When it comes down to it, accepting what cannot be changed will make you feel happier about what you have accomplished in life.

They forget how to live in the moment

Insightful people often forget to live in the moment and become lost in their thoughts, which leads to unhappiness. When you're not enjoying the present, you can't be happy. This is because life is made up of a collection of moments that all add up to who we are.

To make our lives more fulfilling, we need to take time out of our thoughts and focus on what's happening right now. But how do we do this? Here are some tips for staying mindful during the day:

1) Pay attention to your breath- Mindfulness starts with paying attention to your breath. As you inhale, imagine drawing something in; as you exhale, imagine releasing something out.

2) Be present- Whenever you notice yourself thinking about something else, bring your awareness back to whatever it is that you were doing at that moment - like eating breakfast or talking with someone at work.

3) Practice meditation- Meditation helps many people achieve inner peace and happiness by stilling their minds so they can tune into themselves without any outside interference.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why intelligent people stay unhappy. One possible reason is that they may be too hard on themselves and set impossibly high standards for themselves and others. They may also feel like they're not doing anything with their lives, or that what they do doesn't make a difference. For some people, intelligence can lead to feelings of isolation, which can cause unhappiness. Another possibility is that intelligent people's brains over-analyze things more, which can lead to unhappiness in certain situations.

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