Best Things to Do When You're Home with Friends

The Best Things to Do When You're Home with Friends

You know that feeling when you're home with friends, everyone is getting bored and you don't know what to do? It happens all the time, especially in the summer when you have more free time, the last thing you want to do is spend it with your family. What do you do? Well, I'm here to help with some awesome ideas of things to do at home with friends! 

Got friends coming over but don’t know what to do? How do you spend time and make it interesting and fun for everyone so it can be a memorable experience you guys can cherish and bond over? 

Playing fun games and talking about interesting things can always be an easy option to try. 

In this article, I will give you a lot of interesting ideas on what to do when you are home with friends. Check out my list below! Enjoy!

Best Tips on What to Do When You are Home with Friends 

Best Things to Do When You're Home with Friends

  1. Prepare food together

    Are you a fan of cookery programs?  

    It's not uncommon to see teams of chefs competing against each other on television. These coworkers produce beautiful cuisine as a team. You don't have to limit yourself to the dining room.  

    Cooking together as a family is a wonderful way to bring everyone together. At the same time, you may have a nice time and cook delicious food. 

    It's easy to divide the labor when you're cooking together. If you're unsure what to make, you may always attempt a new recipe you see on TV or learn from a book you read.  

    It's also possible to cook meals for your family using a recipe you discovered in your grandmother's old trunk of curiosities. Whatever you decide to cook, don't forget to enjoy yourself and make the whole kitchen merry.

    I highly recommend this recipe book from Amazon if you want to cook food with your friends that looks good, smells good, and tastes good.

    1. Enjoy a movie at home

    Surprise your buddies with a home movie night if they've been wanting to see a certain film for a long time.  

    If you don't have a high-quality home theater system, you needn't worry. All you need to do is close the blinds, check the movie's print, and get some popcorn.  

    Your suggestion will be a hit with your pals. You and your pals could enjoy a scary thriller or a lighthearted romantic comedy. 

    1. Night of Karaoke

    Karaoke nights aren't only for special occasions.  

    You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve to start belting out your favorite tunes.  

    It's OK to have fun with your relatives during family gatherings, but you can also have fun with your immediate family any night of the week.

    Look for family-friendly tunes to sing together. 

    As a result of your engaging performances, you will create priceless memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


    1. Get naughty and play pranks on your friends


    As long as your pranks aren't harmful, this is a terrific concept. Play pranks on one other and see how far you can go. Make your friend's face a mustache while she's sleeping!  

    When you get up in the morning, take a photo and present it to her. These amusing pranks will leave a lasting impression on your other guests, who will never forget your antics. 

    1. Organize a drinks reception

    Make a batch of drinks with the pals and have a good time together.

    While you won't be able to make the perfect cocktail, you're sure to have a lot of fun trying. 

    There are a plethora of easy-to-follow cocktail recipes that you can make at home, so don't be afraid to experiment!

    1. Organize a fashion night

    If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, why not host a "style night"?  

    Prepare your appearance in advance, then meet up. Have a glass of wine, turn up the volume, and then go to separate rooms to change at the same time so you can see what your friend has chosen to wear!

    It is up to you to explain why you choose to go with a certain style. You may also discuss the current trends that you like and dislike. Pick a few crazy wild card categories to add a little levity to the proceedings.

    7. Begin a gardening project

    Everyone in the family will feel more responsible for the garden's upkeep by being a part of the effort and frequent care it demands.  

    As a family member, you might ask your loved ones to plant the crops of their choosing and then look after them. You may have a wide variety of plants in your garden this way.  

    A well-kept garden enhances the appearance of your home, and nothing beats sharing a meal fresh from the garden with loved ones.

    8.  Draw while you sip

    The combination of two of my favorite things... so why not be a little crazy? 

    There are a variety of ways to drink and create, including Drink and Draw, Drink and Paint, and Drink and Create. 

    For example, during Halloween, we carved pumpkins as a kind of artistic expression - and you're not too old to do it! 

    The most important thing is that you're doing something productive while still conversing and enjoying a little beverage. It's simply another thing to do when you and your friends get together.

    9. Work on a scrapbook

    Scrapbooks are a visual representation of a person's and their family's past. It's a great method for youngsters to learn about their family members by making a scrapbook together as a family.  

    Using images of the whole family, from great-grandparents to third cousins, a scrapbook may serve as a permanent record of a person's life. 

    In addition to constructing a scrapbook about your family's history, you may also build a current-moment scrapbook. 

    A photo album documenting family occasions like birthdays, anniversary meals, and graduation celebrations may serve as a keepsake for years to come. 


    10. Have Fun

    1. Play a game- Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, or Taboo are all great options for groups of adults.

    2. Eat together- Share an epic spread of pizza, pasta, bread rolls, chips, dips, or any other dishes you can think of with your friends!

    3. Rent a movie- Pick a hilarious comedy like Airplane (with popcorn) or go the drama route with The King's Speech.

    4. Make some food together- Give yourself something to do while eating by making desserts like Rice Krispie squares or Chocolate Cake. Plus, it will be fun to see how creative everyone is!

    5. Ask each other questions- Asking personal questions and taking turns answering them is a great way to get to know each other better. What was your favorite childhood memory? Who would play you in a movie? Where did you grow up? What’s your favorite book?

    6. Try out an experiment- With three people it should be fairly easy to set up experiments such as dropping different objects from different heights onto either carpet or tile floors.

    7. Watch TV together- It might seem old-fashioned but TV still has its place in our lives!

    8. Build something with Lego blocks- If there are enough people, this could also turn into a competitive building with awards given at the end of the night for creativity and speed!

    11. Go Out for Drinks

    Getting out for drinks with friends is the perfect way to wind down and catch up! Drinking can be a great social lubricant, so you'll have fun conversing about everything from sports to relationships. Plus, you'll probably make new friends too. Just be sure that you drink responsibly and get yourself a ride home if necessary! If your budget doesn't allow for an expensive night on the town, why not try happy hour? It's a much more affordable way to go out drinking, and you may even meet some other cool people.

    12. Dance Party

    Dance parties are the ultimate hang-out in my opinion. And if you've ever watched any of our videos on how to throw one, you know it doesn't have to be hard to get in the groove. That said, I want you guys to think of an awesome playlist (bonus points for including a playlist), grab your trusty dance buddy, put on some tunes, and let loose. Remember - no one wants to dance by themselves! If there's something that we didn't mention that seems like a total blast when you're home with friends, then leave us a comment below so we can share it with everyone else!

    13. Play Pool

    Pick a game that everyone knows how to play, like a pool. This way everyone will have fun and you'll be able to enjoy each other's company for hours. It's easy enough for your buddies who don't know anything about the game to watch and learn, too. If you feel like partying more, invite over some beers or wine and make a designated drinker - they can pour drinks while the rest of you lounge in the game room together. You can also try classic card games like spades or hearts, which are so simple even little kids can play them.

    14. Eat Pizza

    Pizza, or the classic childhood favorite pepperoni pizza is a classic and easy go-to when you are looking for something simple to cook. The fact that it can be cooked and served so quickly, you'll be sitting down eating and talking in no time.
    To make your pizza, first cut some baking paper so that it fits on the bottom of the oven dish. Wet this lightly with some water. This will help stop the pizza from sticking onto the oven dish. Now open up a packet of pre-made pizza dough mix (this should come with two packets of yeast) and pour one packet into a bowl. Add about 350mls of warm water to this mixture and then stir well until all the flour has dissolved. If there's any excess flour at the top, scoop it out as soon as possible before adding any more liquid because if you add too much liquid at once then it could take too long for your dough to rise properly. Now add one tablespoonful of olive oil which should help keep the dough soft while cooking it in the oven and then sprinkle half a teaspoonful of salt into your mixture before mixing well again.

    Final thoughts 

    Having friends over can be one of the best things that can happen to your boring day. But to make it fun you need to have the right ideas in mind. 

    In this article, I gave you 9 ideas on what to do when you are home with friends.

    Those ideas are: 

    • As a group, prepare food together.  
    • Spend time with your friends and enjoy a movie at home  
    • Night of Karaoke  
    • Get naughty and play pranks on your friends.  
    • Organize a drinks reception.
    • Organize a fashion night.
    • Begin a gardening project.
    • Draw while you sip.
    • Work on a scrapbook.
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