Simple Tactics and Natural Ways to Help Babies Fall Asleep

Simple Tactics and Natural Ways to Help Babies Fall Asleep

Bringing a new life into this world and then taking care of it – indeed, parenting is not an easy ball game. While people who have had prior experience know what is about to come, the new parents find themselves in a whole new arena to discover.

Though new parents are prepared for all that is to come, the unimaginable number of sleepless nights sometimes miss their list because don't we have a saying like "sleep like a baby."

Well, this isn't true for all babies. Many kids tend to wake up in the middle of the night or be fussy during sleep. If you are a first-time parent who doesn't understand why your baby is having difficulty falling asleep and how you can make them sleep peacefully, you have landed at the right place.

Why Babies Resist Sleep? 

When you are born, one is unaware of this world's many concepts or routine mechanisms. One such concept is sleeping through the night. Babies aren't moduled to sleep 8-10 hours through the night when they are born. Why is that so? Well, scientists have given a few reasons behind it.

Reasons why Babies Have Difficulty Sleeping Through the Night

When babies are born, they cannot differ between day and night. This is because when in the womb, there isn't a concept of light and dark, and the environment is similar throughout.

They probably have a dirty diaper, so don't go in-depth and check the basics first. No one likes to live in dirt, and your baby will be the same. Change their diapers, coo them back, and they will fall back into a deep slumber.

Moreover, babies eat throughout the day at some intervals, so they are most likely to wake up in the middle of the night to take a feed or two.

Why is Sleep Important for the whole family?

Being a new mom, your body is still recovering from giving birth. Birthing is a strenuous job and takes a lot from you. As beautiful as the process and the end result is, the aftercare is of utmost importance.

Hence, new moms and even dads should take care of their sleeping patterns. Sleep is essential, and lack of it can lead to mental and physical exhaustion and other diseases. The early days are about exploring some new areas of parenthood with your baby, making new memories, and gaining insightful experiences. If you aren't sleeping properly, there are chances that your body will become more exhausted than it already is, and you might miss out on a lot.

Therefore, taking proper sleep is of utmost importance for you and the baby. At the same time, managing your sleep with a new baby in tow can be challenging. Ensuring that you set your baby's routine early on and take other tips and tricks to make them fall to sleep will also help manage your sleeping pattern. Want to know what these tips are? Then head on below.

Tips and Tricks to get your Baby to Fall Asleep 

All babies are different, so what might work for one baby won't work for another. Hence, try to understand your baby and try some of the below-mentioned tricks to see what helps to put them to sleep.

  1. Routine

Babies are pretty predictable, and while young, they still pick up the pace quickly. If you remain consistent and carry out the same activities in the same order each night, chances are your baby will learn what's to come next.

What to do?

The routine of a newborn is pretty mainstream. All they do is eat, sleep, and get changed. Try carrying out these activities in the same manner, every day. For example, feed them, change their diapers, and put them to sleep. Do this the same in the daytime and nighttime too. Once your baby gets a hang that after getting changed, they have to sleep, they will fall into a slumber themselves.

  1. No Soothing Methods

There is no denying that soothing and carrying a baby around is an instinct because they are so cute. However, try to avoid making your baby fall asleep on the foundation of soothing methods. 

What to do?

If you put a baby into their crib after falling asleep, they will likely wake up and start crying because they don't recognize their environment. The best solution for this is to carry your baby in your arms, and when you think they are about to fall asleep, lift them back into their crib. This way, they will recognize where they are and go back to sleep again when they wake up.

  1. The 5 S Methods

The 5 S is a collective method guaranteed by Dr. Harvey Karp. This method has been proven to be a holy grail for many parents and has helped many new ones put their babies to sleep easily. 

What is the 5 S Method?

The 5 S methods include:

Swaddling: This method mimics the womb and helps the baby feel secure and go to sleep quickly. However, make sure only to swaddle when putting them to sleep.

Shushing: A mother's voice is already calming for the baby, but who said dad's cant shush too? Both parents can shush their baby's ear in a calm, soothing tone. This mellow sound will stop them from crying and make them go back to sleep.

Swinging: Swinging and rocking your baby is a great way to put them to sleep. However, children can get used to this, and that is one thing you should avoid. Try swinging and then put them back into the crib before they go into a deep slumber.

Stomach Position: Babies love to lie down flat on their stomachs, and you can do this for a small interval of time when putting them to sleep. Let your baby lie flat on your chest; however, make sure they sleep on their backs only when putting them down to sleep.

Suck: Newborn, especially those that breastfeed, has a habit of sucking. Getting them a pacifier to suck on before falling asleep will help.

  1. Use Light to Help Differ Between Day and Night

The womb is dark; hence, when brought into the world, babies do not understand the concept of light and dark. 

What to do?

Studies have proven that babies of mothers who remained consistent and turned the lights off early showed longer sleeping schedules than those who didn't. If you turn the lights off at a specific time each night, your baby will pick up the trace and start understanding that it is time to go to sleep.

  1. Help them Develop Self-Soothing Habits

Babies will wake up at some point in the night, no matter what. So, instead of picking them up, and walking them around the room to put them back to sleep, try helping them develop self-soothing habits.

What are some Self-Soothing Habits?

  • Try to keep the room dark and quiet when putting them to sleep.
  • Use pacifiers or sing lullabies while they are still in the crib.
  • If your baby wakes up crying, don't start feeding them immediately. Chances are something else woke them up, and they might go back to sleep in a few minutes.

Proven Natural Remedies to Help Babies Fall Asleep 

If you have a baby who is a few months old and are past the age where you can set standard routines or help them differentiate between light and dark, there is nothing to worry about.

Kids can get cranky when they don't get proper sleep and create a fuss. Sometimes parents don't understand what to do. Well, many natural remedies can help put your kid back to sleep. Find some natural remedies below.

  1. Warm Beverage

Science has proven that sipping warm beverages like milk before going to bed helps with your sleep. This theory is the same for both kids and adults alike.

Why Does This Happen?

Milk contains tryptophan which aids in sleeping. Hence, if you feed a baby before sleep, they will not only go to sleep with a full and happy stomach, but it will also help them sleep better.

  1. Take a Shower

If you have a kid old enough, implementing the habit of taking a shower before sleep will help them to drowse off better.

Why Does This Happen?

Taking a shower gives on a fresh feeling and removes the dirt your little one gathered on himself all day long. Hence, not only will you send your baby to sleep clean and fresh, but making it a habit will regulate the body's cycle to understand that it is time to sleep now.

  1. Cut Screen-Time

Children of all ages use technology in this modern world, and so do little ones. However, do you know cutting some screen time at least a few hours before bed will help them sleep better?

Why Does This Happen?

The blue light from mobile phones, tablets, and even TV can distract children from sleep. Cutting this blue light off will tone down the melatonin levels and increase their drowsiness. Moreover, the constant use of gadgets can distract them and make them unable to sleep.

  1. Indulge in Activities

Kids should indulge in activities that are not only great for their physical build but something that tires them too. Building healthy fatigue is essential for children. 

Why So?

After an eventful day, not only will your child have a bunch load of memories and physical exercise, but they will sleep peacefully too.

  1. Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a fantastic way to help reduce stress, delight your kid's mood, and put them into a state of drowsiness. Many essential oils like lavender, orange, and peppermint are considered safe for children over five and help put them to sleep.

Why does this happen?

Adding essential oils in their bath or using them in diffusers will help them sleep peacefully. Moreover, the scent is associated with memory; hence, the scents you use can be a flashback memory of good times for them in adulthood.

Massaging little babies with oil will also help strengthen their muscles and limbs and give them a feeling of euphoria, ultimately putting them to sleep.

  1. Comfort

One thing all babies need to sleep is an immense comfort. Make sure that the environment is moderate and not too hot or cold wherever they are sleeping. 

Why Does This Happen?

Newborns tend to get irritated in either too hot or too cold temperatures. Hence, try to settle them at a moderate temperature and keep them bundled up when it is too cold.

  1. Stop Overthinking

This isn't a natural remedy for the baby but a bit of sincere advice to the parent. Don't overthink and go about trying millions of methods on your baby just to put them to sleep. Children are used to working on consistency, and coming across doing much at the same time can leave them confused; hence none of your methods will work.

What to do?

Trust your instincts, choose a few tactics, and then go about repeating them orderly every day. Your child will pick the rhythm and begin functioning in accordance too.


Parenting is a challenging job, but it isn't something you cannot learn. Babies are the sweetest creatures on earth; however when they don't get their way they can be fussy too. The road of parenting and the relationship between you and your child will develop over time, and you will learn on the way.

So, don't overthink, nor overdo. Once you get the hang of it, things will start making sense themselves. Millions of parents face difficulty raising their kids, but in the end, they do well, and you will too.

However, while putting your baby to sleep will be the first of your concerns, it won't be the last. Parenting is a long journey, so be there for your child every step of the way. Before having a baby is here what you can do:

Take a Parenting Class: 

A parenting class will prepare you for not only the initial days of having a baby but will help you gain an insight on all the stages that are to come.

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