The Best Games for Game

The Best Games for Game Night (or Family Game Night)!

Is there anything better than spending quality time with friends and family? And what’s better than that, when you can do it while playing games? Game night is always more fun with the right games, and in this article, we’ll help you choose the best games for game night. Even if you’re going to a party, these games are so much fun that they make great icebreakers, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t know many people at the party yet! 

Have you got friends and family coming over and you want to keep them entertained with the most interesting and fun games? 

The finest games challenge your intellect, raise your heart rate, and connect you with others. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, but it's also a great way to reconnect with old ones since a fun game is a great way to pass the time. 

In this article, we go over some of the best games for a game night that you can play with your friends and family on game night. 

Best Games for Game Night



Cards Against Humanity 

If you're looking for a card game that's sure to make you laugh out loud, look no further.  

What's making things difficult in the sauna? What's Batman's guilty pleasure? These are just two examples of questions that one player may ask using a black card and the other players can respond with their funniest white card. The player then serves as a judge and selects the answer they believe to be the best. Comedic value is assured with this game, known as the “party game for bad people” for a reason. 


Game of Saran Wrapping

Preparation is required for this one and this is also one of my favorites: If you don't have any tiny, sturdy treats on hand, you'll need plastic wrap and candy. If you're having trouble, try gum, dollar bills, lottery tickets, or anything similar.  

Make a saran wrap ball and put one thing in the middle of it. Make a tight ball with plastic wrap and add stuff to it as you go, trapping them as you go. Playing with smaller sheets of wrapping paper adds an extra layer of difficulty. The game may begin after you've used a whole roll of wrap (or more, if desired). Assemble around a table or in a circle. A wrapped package and a pair of dice may be distributed among two people.  

Saran wrap must be unraveled as quickly as possible by the individual holding the dice before the dice roll twice. When your time comes around, you get to keep any rewards that fall out. The bundle is passed along to the next person when the dice rolls double. To finish unwinding the ball, repeat the process. If you don't want to use dice, you may have the person handling the plastic wrap ball wear oven mitts or set a timer for each play.


Simply said, Codenames is a fun and difficult word games for two or more players. Twenty-five operatives' identities are known only to two opposing spymasters.

Only the agents' codenames are known to their coworkers. The teams compete to see who can call all of their agents first. One-word cues from spymasters may indicate a variety of terms on a table. As a team, they aim to predict words of their color while avoiding those of the other team. And the assassin is a major concern for everyone. 


Most Likely To

When playing with a small group of friends or family, this is a great option.As a group, form a circle. It's a good idea to start by asking, "Who do you think is most likely to trip themselves up?" When (or in any other context) When you've counted down to three, have everyone point to the person they believe will do the aforementioned deed.The person with the most fingers pointing at them is out of the competition.  

Never Have I Ever

Form a circle with your friends and family members. It's best to start with someone declaring, "Never have I ever..." and end with something they've never done. This is a good one: I've been to Africa, eaten escargot, and had other such experiences.

Anyone who says, "Never have I ever..." must hold out a finger as proof that they have indeed never done so. When one individual gets three fingers up, they are out of the game. It's important to play responsibly and establish ground rules ahead of time if sensitive grandparents or conservative visitors will be present, since this party game may go as raunchy as you want it to.

That's What She Said

If you haven't yet tried That's What She Said, you're missing out on one of the funniest party games ever created. Wetting your pants is a possibility. Players match humorous red setup cards to the funniest white phrase cards in this wild party in a box.  

The game comprises 400 white phrase cards and 58 red setup cards for a group of four or more adults.You may play with as many people as you like in this game, making it ideal for large gatherings. 

 I'm Hosting a Party

Play this brain teaser if you're looking for a more challenging game.Suppose you're throwing a party, and you only invite those who bring the appropriate food and drink.  

Decide on a rule that only you know: Everyone is expected to bring an item that starts with the same letter as their name, but you may also be inventive. Do not inform anybody about your rule.To begin, have everyone in the room declare what they're bringing and then answer "Yes, you're welcome" or "No, you can't bring that" to each idea. This should be done until everyone has figured out the rule on their own. 

  1. Quick Picks
  2. Password Party—A family game that promotes conversation in a new way.
  3. Hedbanz-A card game where you wear a headband and try to identify items around the room. 
  4. Ultimate Werewolf- A fun twist on the classic Werewolf/Mafia, with small changes that make it more exciting and less complicated than traditional versions of the game!
  5. Sequence- The goal is to lay out all of your cards, in order, from left to right, and then guess which cards other players are holding when it's their turn.
  6. Slap Jack- A high-stakes card game in which players race to slap down their jacks before they're slapped by an opponent!


Party & Casual

Spend a couple of hours with friends playing these trivia and quiz games. The winner of each round is the person who correctly guessed the most questions. My personal favorite is Trivial Pursuit. There are various editions, but my favorite is the Genus edition which includes 50 questions in five different categories: geography, history, arts and literature, sports, and entertainment.

Other good games include Taboo or Balderdash. With Taboo one player picks a word that cannot be said aloud and gives clues to try to get other players to guess what it is - without using the forbidden word. When another player gets it right, they get a point too! Balderdash is similar to Taboo where one player creates an invented definition for an obscure word and others have to use their imagination to match this description, making up as many definitions as possible.

Players vote on which one seems most like the original definition by saying Balderdash! If you're looking for something more intense, try Quiddler or Scattergories. Quiddler is a card game where players must discard all of their cards into pairs before time runs out, while Scattergories forces players to come up with answers that fit within four different categories. To make your family-friendly game night I recommend Pictionary Junior or Sorry Sliders - don't forget board games like Candy Land or Memory!

Card Games

Since the holidays are upon us, it can be a great time to gather your friends and family together in one place. The best way to do this is by getting some fun games out and inviting others to join in on the action. However, there are so many games out there that it can be hard to pick which ones would work best for any occasion. I decided to review some of my favorite board games that I have played with friends and family to give you some good options!

Do you have time to play these games now?

Picking the right game can be tough, but luckily there are so many games out there that you're bound to find one your family will love. At Let's Play Together, we've rounded up the top 5 games that everyone in your family will enjoy!

1) Pictionary - Pictionary is a word-guessing game that has players drawing pictures to decipher clues. The person who guesses correctly wins. This is one of our favorite classic board games because it's perfect for any age and all ages can play together. 2) Clue - Clue is an old-school board game in which players must try to determine who killed Mr. Boddy and where the crime took place by moving around the mansion collecting clues and ultimately deducing what happened and how it happened. It may sound simple enough, but each player only gets six pieces of evidence to work with and they have to do it without being caught.

3) Scrabble - Scrabble is a word game where players form words using letters on their racks and then place them on the board to score points. It sounds easy enough, but good luck if you don't know all those long words or proper nouns! You'll need every letter on your rack if you want to win this one.

4) Monopoly - If you're looking for something quick and easy, Monopoly might be the way to go.

Final thoughts 

Organizing a fun game night can be amazing for bonding, and having a great time with loved ones and friends, and can bring a lot of cool memories to your life. 

But it can also go wrong if you don’t have a great game at your disposal. 

In this article, I gave you a list of the 7 best games for a game night that you can easily try out to make your game night a blast. 

The list of those games is: 

  • Cards Against Humanity  
  • Game of Saran Wrapping  
  • Codenames  
  • Most Likely To 
  • Never Have I Ever  
  • That's What She Said  
  • I'm Hosting a Party


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