Best Types of Networking Habits

21 Best Types of Networking Habits in 2022 & 2023

Networking habits can take your career to the next level. Whether doing a business, looking for a job, or finding a potential candidate, the best networking habits can help your dreams come true.

You can read the best business networking books and find the best way to network, but it all comes down to taking action.

According to Review42, networking helps in filling 85% of positions. According to Indeed, networking makes you a valuable resource. Networking is a win-win solution for you and others around you.

Let’s find out more about it.

#1. Ask Right Questions

Best Types of Networking Habits

When you find yourself in the right setting, it comes down to asking the right questions. When you ask, you receive! It's as simple as that. When you attend networking events, you must ask relevant questions. It’s best if you prepare for the event in advance.

Smart people know what to ask and how to ask. If you want to achieve higher levels of success, it’s time to prepare a list of questions. Also, it’s vital if you find role models in your field and see what they have to say about their success. Ask them how they achieved such levels of success and what keeps them motivated to move forward in life. Another crucial question is how to maintain that level of success and growth.

#2. Listen Patiently

One of the best networking traits you can develop is active listening. According to Forbes, the best networkers have habits such as listening, being curious, and more! So, you must focus more on your listening skills.

When you listen to what others have to say, it is easy for you to take notes and remember them. Some people don’t let others say a word, or they don’t want to listen. On the other hand, you would be more likable if you listened. You can find their secret to success when you listen to what others say. A small piece of information can be of huge help. For example, where to find potential employees, what courses or seminars to attend, what books to read, and much more.

#3. Smile from The Heart

Best Types of Networking Habits

When you meet people, give them a genuine smile. Smiling shows that you care, and it spreads a good message. You never know if someone is going through a rough day, and your genuine smile can make their day.

Suppose someone smiles at you, smile back. If you observe closely, you can see that people are busy in the hustle and bustle of life. No one has the time or energy to look up from their smartphones. Instead of looking at each other and talking, people prefer being lost in their smartphones. When you are in a social setting, avoiding your smart devices is best to be there in the moment.

#4. Be Appreciative of Organizers

When someone organizes an event, they put their heart and energy into it. It takes so much effort, and it’s challenging. It’s easy to be a critic of everything around you. You can complain about what’s missing, but to be a bigger person and to make your organizer feel happy, appreciate the effort.

An honest appreciation can open doors of opportunity and success for you. You may not realize it now, but when you start reaping the benefits, you will understand how a small act can make a huge difference. If an organizer has put in the effort to organize the event, make sure you highlight the positive points so that they would know you have noticed and cared to be appreciative.

#5. Be A Conversation Starter

In a networking event, people are trying to make connections. It’s a professional setting, and you may want to search for people online, but it’s best to be a conversation starter. You can break the ice by talking about what’s on your mind.

 Again, asking questions and giving others a chance to speak can be great. People love to talk, especially when they have achieved something in their life. They want to tell stories, so listen genuinely. Once you start a conversation, genuinely listen to what others say. Yawning or showing disinterest won’t be ideal. With practice and enough confidence, you can become a conversation starter.

#6. Focus On Helping People

It’s not just about you! When you attend a networking event, many others like you seek better life opportunities. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life. Someone could be desperately looking for a job and if you think you have the right connection, introduce this person.

Helping people is a way of contributing to society. You can feel better about yourself; if you help someone during tough times, they will remember it for life. You never know if they can help you at any point in life. So, it’s a great habit to help others in need.

#7. Add Value

Make sure you add value when you attend a networking event, find the right connection, or get beneficial information. When you start adding value, it can make a huge difference for others and yourself.

No matter what you do, develop the habit of adding value. It means that when you meet someone for the first time, ensure you don’t waste their time. Tell them something or share an idea that can be beneficial for them. In the same way, whatever you do in your life, it must also add a value of some kind to your life. Life can become a lot more interesting when you add value!

#8. Focus On Your Reputation

Your reputation must speak for itself. People would love to hire you or work with you if you are genuine and honest. In the era of modernization, it’s easy to find a smart and intelligent person, but it’s rare to find someone who is honest.

Your reputation counts, but you don’t have to be a fake person. When you want to go ahead in life, it’s wise if you focus on maintaining your reputation. People make enemies and friends on the way, but a few are those whose enemies also appreciate their honesty. You must develop the habit of always being genuine to yourself and others. It’s about following ethics and morality.

#9. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

One of the best habits to have includes following up. Once you find a potential candidate or an employee, it’s time to keep them in the loop. Let’s say you find someone beneficial for networking. It could be an old friend or a recruiter. From time to time, check up on them and follow up!

Again, be genuine when you follow up. People won’t like it if you only talk to them when you need something. Appreciate if they achieve something in life. Send a note or a letter. If they are added to your online network, it would be great to leave a positive comment. It’s a small gesture, but it counts and can take you a long way in life.

#10. Wait for The Right Moment

Don’t appear needy or greedy. When you ask too much or if you include unnecessary questions, it would show that you are being desperate about the situation. Develop the habit of patience. So, wait for the right moment.

You must know when it’s the right time to congratulate someone. For example, if a potential person in your network achieves a major milestone, congratulate them right away instead of waiting for the time when you would need something from them.

#11. Show Your Best Confidence

When you appear at networking events, appear fully confident. Take classes or practice confidence if you have to because it’s easy to talk to someone or hire someone more confident. On the other hand, if you are not sure about what you want in life or if your goals are not clear, then it would be hard for someone to break the ice and talk to you.

Let’s say if someone asks you about your life goals and you are unsure, it won’t leave a lasting impression. Talk to people and see what they have to say. Appreciate their confidence and ask others about their life goals!

#12. Be Ready for Feedback

Accept feedback from others. It’s a great habit to develop. How interesting is the fact that you need a mirror or anything like that to see your reflection? Without help, you won’t be able to guess how you look, and that’s why you need honest and genuine people.


Make an effort to establish a strong network. Your network will be your net worth! Your network is worth the effort when you find someone to give you feedback. When you receive feedback about your performance, confidence, or anything else, it would be best to work on it. Instead of being angry, work on the feedback.


#13. Learn to Accept Rejection

Accepting rejection is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people find it hard to accept rejection. So, it would be amazing to develop this habit. It may be hard initially, but gradually you can learn to accept rejection.

Ask for feedback and act on it when you get rejected for a job or anything. It’s always good to know the reason so that you don’t make the same mistake in the future. Without learning your weaknesses, you won’t be able to focus on your strengths.

#14. Be Consistent In Your Approach

Networking is vital, but it may not work for everyone. That’s why you need to be consistent in your approach. First, you must establish the ground rules and see what works in your favor. Once you get the idea, follow your approach consistently.

Another thing that you can try is to find out what works for other people in your network. You can know it by asking the right questions. Once you know their approach, follow it and be consistent. Nothing is possible if you are not consistent about it. To achieve success and growth, you must be consistent and strive for it.

#15. Focus On Your Email And Pitches

Let’s see if you find a potential candidate, a client, or a recruiter. Now, you need to email them, or maybe you get a few minutes to talk to them in person. In any case, you need to have the right elevator pitch. You must work on your pitch in advance.

Prepare an excellent pitch in the email. To prepare such amazing pitches, you can watch talent shows where people do a business patch, and the judges accept or reject the idea. Or you can also read books! Asking your role models about how they pitch the clients can work too. However, what works for one person may not work for the other, so you have to see what’s the most viable option available to you.

#16. Give Credit Where It’s Due

An amazing habit to develop or follow is giving credit where it’s due. When you appreciate people for their hard work, it will be easy for them to trust you. On the other hand, you may encounter people in life who would take away your credit.

Some people may say that they have done a task or found an opportunity, while it may not be true. So, develop the habit of giving credit. If you haven’t tried doing it, try it now and see if it helps. Doing so can take you way ahead in life. See if it works!


#17. Build An Online Presence

 Best Types of Networking Habits

If you haven’t built an online presence yet, you are not keeping pace with the fast-changing world. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. It’s vital to see what works for you in the online world. Find a social media platform that’s great for networking. For example, LinkedIn is great for professionals.

 Once you find the social media platform that works in your favor, you should invest your time and energy. Build an online presence gradually. Add information about your education, achievements, and skills, and tell people about your potential. No one would know anything unless you tell them. Don’t let anyone assume anything negative on your behalf. It’s your life, so you get the right to tell your story. Share the stories you like and create interesting posts. When people see your ideas, they would love to connect with you! A whole world is ready to welcome you with open arms; you just need to be smart in your approach.


#18. Be Helpful Online And In-Person

As said previously, try being helpful. Now that everyone is gradually becoming a part of the online world, it’s time to consider helping online. It means that if you know someone who could be of help to a potential candidate or employee, it’s time to connect with them. You can connect a recruiter to an employer or an outstanding former employee.

You can connect potential customers to people you know who could be excellent service providers. The sky is the limit when it comes to the online world. You need to be vigilant in your approach. Make sure you connect with the right people in the first place.

#19. Be Punctual

Another great habit that you can develop for networking events or anything else in life is being punctual. Follow it when you say you will be there at a certain time! Not many people are punctual, and that’s not a good habit. Small habits can make a big difference. You may think it’s okay not to be on time, but it can make a huge difference.


For example, if you always show up for networking events late when someone has called you or if you don’t show up for interviews on time, it gives a red flag. People would gradually know that it’s hard for you to keep up with time; thus, being punctual would help. So, adopt this habit from the beginning to be always there when someone needs you.

#20. Focus On Interview Skills

When you are an employee looking for a potential job, it’s best to focus on the interview skills. Make it a habit of giving interviews. You can ask a recruiter friend to guide you or enroll in a class to improve your interview skills. Even when doing a successful job, brushing up on your skills is the best way to move forward in life.


Many articles, videos, and information are available online to guide you. It’s your responsibility to learn and move ahead. While practicing and keeping yourself in the loop, it would be easy to hunt for a job even when the market is tight. Everyone would need a potential candidate with the skills to take a company forward, but you should be able to give this knowledge to the world.


#21. Have An Optimistic Approach

Yes, you heard that right! You need to have an optimistic approach. So, developing the habit of thinking positively can take you ahead in life. When times are tough, it’s your optimistic approach that can help you move forward. When things don’t go how you want them to, it’s time to reevaluate the situation.

There is a lot that you can and can’t do. It’s best to focus on the bright side of things. You must also focus on the negatives but improve them with feedback and planning. When you develop the habit of seeing the positive side of things, you would learn from networking events, jobs, and other people around you.


There could be some questions on your mind regarding networking; let’s discuss some of these:

What are some of the important networking skills?

You must know how to talk to people in a social setting and focus on nonverbal communication; being an active listener, an empath, and more is essential. It’s good to focus on as many skills as you can.

How to appear more confident during a networking event?

It’s best to prepare in advance and practice the questions you can ask people. Take a friend with you if possible, so you don’t feel shy. Ask questions to people and wait for them to answer completely. Show genuine interest in what others have to say. Be consistent in your approach, and don’t forget to follow up.

Is networking helpful?

Yes, it will be helpful if you take advantage of the big event to make the right connections. Don’t forget to add people on LinkedIn and focus on the right questions. You can miss your chance if you ask the wrong questions or do not show basic manners during the networking event. Develop networking habits to make the most out of the whole networking event.

What’s important to remember while networking?

Remember that it’s not just about you. There are many other people like you at the event. Also, you may have achieved success in life, and now it’s your time to shine, but you can help others in their journey of growth and success. Make sure you help others too. Contribute to a good cause and be a giver. If someone needs help, be there to help them in any way you can. You can introduce them to a connection; thus, it would be great for you and a potential employer.

What makes networking challenging?

When you reach out to people when times are tough, it won’t be ideal. It will appear that you talk to them only when you need something. On the other hand, if you keep checking in and talking to a person from time to time and help them when they need it the most, it would make networking easy for you!

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