6 Tips to Help You Stay Awake Driving Late at Night

6 Tips to Help You Stay Awake Driving Late at Night

One of the biggest dangers faced by drivers on long road trips is falling asleep at the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that drowsy driving was the cause of an average of 6,400 crashes in the U.S. each year between 2005 and 2007, and these accidents led to 1,550 injuries and 71 deaths each year. One way to reduce your risk of drowsy driving or falling asleep at the wheel is by following these six tips on how to stay awake driving late at night.


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1) Get a Good Night's Sleep

One way to stay awake while driving is by getting a good night's sleep the night before. If you are going on a long drive and will be driving late, try to get up early enough so that you can sleep in your car during the day. For shorter trips, find a safe place where you can stop and take a nap so that you don't have to worry about driving tired. And if none of these options are possible, make sure that you drink plenty of coffee or energy drinks along the way! These tips should help keep you alert for hours on end and help you avoid becoming one of the many who fall asleep at the wheel.

2) Take Breaks Often

It can be hard to stay awake when you're driving for a long time. Keep an eye on the time and take breaks every three hours or so. If you start feeling sleepy, pull over and get some rest, especially if it is late in the evening. You don't want to put yourself in danger or anyone else on the road with you! Make sure to stop for dinner as well. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol before bed: These substances might make you feel like you have more energy than usual, but they also work against your body's natural sleep rhythm, which means that by the time your head hits the pillow, all of that caffeine will wear off. In turn, this leaves you even more tired than before! So steer clear of these beverages until after you've reached your destination. Park somewhere safe and take a nap: Sleepy drivers are extremely dangerous, especially when they are driving after midnight because their body clock is telling them to go to bed! Find somewhere safe where you can park the car for a few minutes and doze off. When you wake up from this power nap, chances are you'll feel refreshed enough to continue driving without being too drowsy again.

3) Drink Caffeinated Beverages

1. Drink caffeinated beverages. If you're stopping for a break and you want to stay awake while driving long distances, try drinking caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee.
2. Take breaks often when you need them. When driving late at night, it's important to take breaks often so that you can stay awake and avoid exhaustion.
3. Get comfortable in your seat when driving long distances or late at night by adjusting your seats, turning up the heat/air conditioning, and getting a pillow for your head or neck if needed
4. Exercise every once in a while (or more) throughout the day if possible
5. Turn on loud music and sing along
6. Distract yourself with some fun games on your phone

4) Eat Light Meals

If you are driving late at night, or want to stay awake while driving long distances, the best thing you can do is eat light meals. Eating heavy foods late in the evening will make it even harder for you to stay awake while driving. A light dinner and a healthy breakfast before your journey will help keep blood sugar levels steady and avoid swings that could make you feel tired.
Eating small snacks such as granola bars, crackers, fruit or cereal with milk can also help keep blood sugar levels stable and provide energy for when your body needs it most. It's important to get fuel every couple of hours during your drive so stop for something small whenever possible.
If you are really struggling with staying awake on the road, try using caffeine wisely.

5) Chew Gum

One of the best ways to stay awake while driving is by chewing gum. Chewing gum stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which causes the muscles in your jaw and neck to contract. This movement will make you more alert and less sleepy.
Additionally, chewing gum will help keep your saliva levels up which can prevent dry mouth that can happen when you're not drinking enough water or sucking on mints all day long. Plus, it keeps your mouth moist so as you're trying not to yawn!
Chewing gum also allows your jaw muscles a chance to rest while still stimulating them, which can reduce stress from clenching teeth and grinding them together.

6) Listen to Upbeat Music

1. Listen to upbeat music - This is a great way to stay alert while driving. Studies have shown that listening to upbeat music can help you stay awake and focused when driving late at night or when driving long distances.
2. Drink plenty of fluids - Drinking plenty of fluids will help keep you awake and energized while driving on the road for long periods of time. Try drinking coffee, tea, or even water for an energy boost that won't wear off quickly.
3. Keep a good conversation going with your passengers - Talking with your passengers is a great way to pass the time in between destinations and make the drive less monotonous! If you don't have any passengers, try reading aloud from a book or podcast that interests you.

Final Thoughts

Staying awake while driving can be challenging when you are exhausted and have been driving for a long time. The tips below may help you stay awake. However, if they do not work, it may be necessary to stop the car and take a nap. If this is not an option, then drinking caffeine or taking a break every few hours will be helpful.
1) Drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, colas or energy drinks.
2) Take a quick nap of about 15 minutes every two hours by stopping your car in a safe place where you can turn off the engine and recline your seat back so that you don't fall asleep with your eyes open or get too close to other vehicles on the road.

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